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Tesla’s Gigafactory to be world’s biggest battery plant, but China will dominate electric vehicle lithium ion production for next decade

Tesla’s Gigafactory 1 is coming of age.

The ramp up of the battery megafactory in Nevada to a production level of 15GWh and a run rate of 20GWh by end-2018 will make the lithium ion plant the world’s largest.

Despite Tesla’s significant progress in adding new global lithium ion battery capacity, the megafactories in China are also rising.

New data from Benchmark Mineral Intelligence’s new subscription service, Lithium ion Battery Megafactories Assessment, shows that LG Chem’s plant in Nanjing, Jiangsu will also reach a capacity close to 20GWh by end-2018, while CATL’s expansions in Ningde, Tianjin will be on a par with Tesla’s Gigafactory 1.

The global build out of lithium ion battery capacity is occurring at an increasingly rapid pace via the construction of battery megafactories – defined by Benchmark as super battery plants that are over 1GWh in capacity.

In the July 2018 assessment, Benchmark‘s expects China to account for over 50% of the world’s battery capacity for at least the next decade.

Last year, China was responsible for 60% of lithium ion battery capacity in 2017 from a megafactory capacity of 134.8 GWh. By 2023, Benchmark expects this to be a smaller percentage of a much larger market – 58.6% of 564.5GWh and 53.8% of 998.5GWh by 2028.

Interesting, Tesla’s new Gigafactory in Shanghai is anticipated to be a significant contributor to China’s future output.

Benchmark methodically assesses lithium ion battery capacity each month to a rigorous methodology. It is published in the subscription service: Lithium ion Battery Megafactory Assessment.

“Since the team at Benchmark defined the term battery megafactories in 2014 and started tracking their global progress, we have gone from 1 plant to 41 in the pipeline,” explained Benchmark’s Managing Director, Simon Moores.

“The global battery capacity growth has been relentless as countries and continents seek lithium ion battery self sufficiency in the anticipation of electric vehicle demand.”

“Such was the demand, we decided to create a brand new methodology and assessment to track this lithium ion build out plant by plant.”

“It adds to our world leading price assessment services for lithium ion battery raw materials including the lithium industry’s reference price, cobalt chemicals and graphite anode.” Moores added.

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CHART: China’s lithium ion dominance to continue 

Source: Taken from Benchmark’s Lithium ion Battery Megafactory Assessment.

lithium ion battery China

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