Project Skyfall ushers in new era for Benchmark: Restructure, Expand, Evolve

Benchmark is entering a new era. Simon Moores, our CEO, outlines the next chapter in the Benchmark story…  

Project Skyfall has been initiated and it is our most significant evolutionary step since we established Benchmark in 2014.

We have built the world’s leading independent Price Reporting Agency (PRA), data and intelligence provider for the lithium ion battery and electric vehicle supply chain.

Seven years in, we are just getting started.

For our achievements to date, I am forever grateful to all of our customers, team members and the global community both in person and online.

But what worked for the past doesn’t necessarily suit the future. Therefore, we have chosen to evolve with the needs of our industry and business and face the future with fresh eyes.

As a result, Benchmark has now restructured with new layers of management and new team members bolstering our five divisions of:

  • PRA & Data
  • Forecasts & Consultancy
  • Benchmark ESG
  • Events
  • Sales & Marketing

We are expanding into new services, entering new supply chains, and will establish anchor offices in London and New York.

This will complement our global hub offices in many cities around the world for a team that is presently over 50-strong, located across 4 continents and growing quicker than ever.

Benchmark is by far the biggest organisation in the world for what we do. 

This restructuring follows a year that has seen our most significant growth since our inception.

In just the past 12 months, Team Benchmark has excelled in improving existing services such as: taking our Lithium Price Assessments to twice monthly, launching new products like our Lithium ESG service, and welcoming new team members on a regular basis. 

However, our greatest challenges are not external but from within.

How do we scale while keeping the essence of what makes us Benchmark?

As a response, we initiated Project Skyfall. 

What is Project Skyfall?

Project Skyfall is the next phase in Benchmark’s hyper-growth story.

Between 2014 and 2021, Benchmark expanded horizontally by adding new divisions which allowed us to launch new products, and expand sales and marketing and internal company functions. 

Project Skyfall creates a new company structure by expanding vertically for the first time, adding new layers of governance, experience and resources to ensure the Benchmark story continues to grow and evolve with the pace of the low carbon energy revolution. 

Creating new tiers of management allows us to grow each division through the three avenues: expanding sales and marketing capacity, launching new services, and innovating existing products.

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Benchmark’s PRA & Data Division will be buoyed by the introduction of an experienced management role of Head of PRA to double down on our number one industry position in pricing the lithium ion battery supply chain and key raw materials of lithium, nickel, cobalt and graphite. 

The role will not only manage the day to day operations of our PRA and data collection process, but seek ways to innovate our existing reference and benchmark pricing for our rapidly growing base of customers as well as significantly expanding the team.

We will also be increasing our offering of new prices for existing services and launching new products in line with industry demand. 

We will be working with strategic partners to increase the accessibility and application of our industry prices and data, such as our recent collaboration with The Wall Street Journal (Dow Jones). 

Membership, our entry level product that introduces a wide variety of clients to the lithium ion battery supply chain, will expand and evolve to cover more supply chains and industries in innovative ways. 

This includes the introduction of an Executive Editor and a number of new Assistant Editors to create original content for our subscribers. 

Our Forecasts and Consultancy Division will now be overseen by three new management team members – Director of Forecasts & Consultancy, Head of Forecasts and Head of Consultancy – allowing us to scale with quality and develop multiple aspects of our regular and bespoke offerings. 

This division guides a wide variety of electric vehicle supply chain participants from OEMs to battery makers, governments to miners and chemical producers, in making multi-million and multi-billion dollar investment decisions.

If you are interested in joining our Forecasting & Consultancy division: email [email protected]   

12 new subscriptions in 2022  

We will continue to launch new Price Assessments, Market Data Assessments, new services such as our ESG subscription offerings (which has begun with Benchmark’s ESG Lithium report), and 12 new subscription offerings arriving in 2022. 

New Events Division

Benchmark’s new chapter will also include the creation of an Events Division. 

Benchmark’s events have been a global centre-point for industry education, networking and deal-making since our inception. 

From the Benchmark World Tour through to Benchmark Week and our latest series of Battery Megafactories conferences, this new division will provide a base of global, regional and online events for all stakeholders, building on our traditions of connecting everyone. 

What active subscription services does Benchmark have?

With our rapid growth, it is understandable that keeping track of everything we do is difficult. Below is a list of all active subscriptions. 

Price Assessments 

Division: PRA & Data

Synopsis: Monthly and twice monthly detailed assessments of sensitive market prices used in and to negotiate supply chain contracts; coupled with world class, independent analysis of global supply and demand

  • Lithium 
  • Cobalt 
  • Nickel 
  • Flake Graphite 
  • Synthetic Graphite

Market Data Assessments 

Division: PRA & Data

Synopsis: Monthly and twice monthly detailed assessments of sensitive market data such as supply and demand, and plant production and capacities.

  • Cathodes 
  • Anodes 
  • Lithium ion battery cells / Battery Megafactories – Gigafactories 


Division: Forecasts

Synopsis: The most detailed supply, demand and capacity databases together with quarterly analysis of the global market place

  • Lithium 
  • Cobalt 
  • Nickel 
  • Graphite 
  • Lithium ion battery cells 
  • Solid state battery cells (New) 

Independent Verifications / Benchmark ESG 

Division: Benchmark ESG

Synopsis: Environmental, Social and Governance ratings and analysis for each raw material industry

  • Lithium ESG (New) 
  • Nickel ESG (New) 

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