Lithium Mineral Price Assessment

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Lithium is a hot mineral in the mining, manufacturing, technology, energy storage, and automobile industries today. It has many uses, but the highest demand comes from the sectors in need of lithium-ion batteries. While the electronics industry has been a longtime consumer, a larger sector is poised to overtake them in terms of market share: the electric vehicles (EV) manufacturers. Their demand is now driving the lithium price.

Many see this phenomenon and as a result are considering investing in lithium producers and automakers who are already laying the groundwork for mass production of EVs. As with any type of investment, companies and organisations that have a stake in the EV or lithium production markets need to make decisions based on complete and accurate data.

Benchmark Minerals can provide the information you need, including lithium prices and supply.

The Heart of the Battery Supply Chain

Lithium is the more abundant mineral and the primary raw material for rechargeable battery packs. It is different from lithium metal, which has a high energy density but volatile nature; lithium-ion is stable and safer in charging and discharging electric energy. Industry experts warn of a probable shortage in supply; and this projection, compounded by the increasing demand from EV manufacturers, could drive the price of lithium mineral higher.

Access Resources Compiled by Expert Analysts

Information is critical in an industry as bullish as lithium-ion. Companies and investors need to prepare for surges and dips in market prices and supply.

If you are an investor or a representative of a company involved in lithium-ion extraction, production, and supply, you’ll have plenty of uses for our services. Benchmark Minerals is a trusted source of real-time and historical lithium prices and other information on lithium-ion battery raw materials. Use the data our teams have gathered from China and Chile to map out a profitable course for your company.

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