Benchmark Minerals’ Simon Moores talks lithium ion battery megafactories with Cobalt27

Benchmark’s Simon Moores recently featured in an interview with Cobalt27 and spoke about the emergence of lithium ion battery megafactories, where the demand is coming from and the implications for raw material supply chains.

In the Q&A Simon explains how in 2014 Benchmark Mineral Intelligence coined the term megafactories and how these lithium ion battery factories have grown since Tesla announced the Gigafactory, a move which transformed the industry.

Megafactories are not limited to Tesla or North America and the interview also covers other key companies and regions to watch out for in the battery space. In 2015 there were three megafactories and today there are over 50 globally.

Simon explains that this explosive growth has been driven by demand for electric vehicles, but the trend towards energy storage systems (ESS) is also accelerating growth in lithium ion battery demand.

A secure supply chain is key to the continued development of battery megafactories and Simon talks about what is required from key battery minerals: lithium, cobalt, graphite anode and nickel.

To read the interview in full please click here.

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